Audience is your Testimonial

Audience is your Testimonial.

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Total Wall is an interactive interface that allows the simultaneous
visualization of a selection of different media. It is fully
customizable with graphics, videos, promotional materials or
visualizations of your audience’s social engagement.

Real Time

Brand awareness

Increases online content with your hashtags and user-to-follower conversion.

Fonti Italiane

Call to action

Encourages the audience’s social engagement, emphasizing the sense of community and making your event more interactive.

Monitoraggio social

Sponsor visibilty & ROI

Increases sponsor visibility and value during the event.

An event is the moment of highest emotional involvement and audience attention to the brand.

Total Wall lets you maximize it, collecting all the key content you wish to emphasize on a single interface — from pictures mosaic to encourage attendee engagement to promotional materials for your brand, products or sponsors to increase their visibility.

Total Wall can be shown on any screen or maxiwall, projected on large surfaces* or embedded on websites, encouraging the audience to interact with your brand and increasing online and offline engagement.

Democrazia dei Big Data

Customized Media

Graphic visualizations, social live feeds, pictures mosaic, video and much more, customized on your needs.

Servizi modulabili

Customer Data integration

Get an overall visualisation of both social and company historical data.

Analisi personalizzate

Data analytics on request

Access to data from the social monitoring.